HR Specialist

HR Specialist

We are currently seeking a talented and professional Human Resources (HR) Specialist to join our team and manage all human resource procedures. The successful candidate will be passionate about supporting and evolving employees through our company’s guidelines and managing processes.

Why us?

Because here are many perks waiting for you:

  • Competitive salary and opportunity to work with amazing people.
  • Steady employment and the possibility to work on different projects, in different fields;
  • Lots of integration events and company parties
  • Training on newest technologies within the company;
  • Free English courses, yoga, massage and a lot of other interesting things…

Your role:

  • Create, implement, and evaluate all human resource department policies, procedures, and structures;
  • Design and implement mentoring plans (together with an assigned mentor);
  • Coordinating employee’s evaluation processes;
  • Be involved in recruitment process when this is needed.

Required Skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • At least 3 years of HR experience;
  • Proficiency use of English language;
  • Good problem-solving, communication, and negotiation abilities;
  • Proven experience in developing mentoring and motivational programs;
  • Previous experience in an IT company would be an asset.

If it sounds challenging and you would like to have a role in our team please send your application to
For more details, please feel free to call us at +373 69861961

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